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New Blog Kickoff! All About Data Visualization, Design and More!

So, this is it. I started a new blog. Now what?

I just have a lot of thoughts running in my head right now, data visualization ideas and design projects and I need a place for safekeeping. I am wondering if I can trust the internet for these thoughts to be seen. Well, I realized that this is it, this is the perfect time to allow the judging nature of the people to infiltrate what I am thinking and planning to do. It’s time to loosen up a bit and share what’s in my head. Who knows, someone might find those useful and maybe even lifesaving ;-)

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So, what can readers expect from this blog?

I have a lot of project ideas in mind but I am far from reality making them real. I am thrilled of starting an idea, do a few tasks and abandon it thereafter because another better idea pops out.

Aside from minimizing my on-and-off lightbulb brain, I have listed a few arguments to support my other intentions why this blog has to exist.

Basically, this blog will be the stashing board of anything and everything about:

  • Ideas, ideas and ideas whether it’s half baked or not even baked at all.

Also, more thoughts about:

  • Value of a well-thought and well-designed dataviz products
  • Data exploration and analysis (Which I really like!)
  • Thoughts about society and humanity
  • Designing and developing experience
  • Coding experience
  • …and some thoughts what valuable information people might